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Cyber Audit Office

To establish a corporate culture of ethical management, Daeseung is receiving reports on unfair performance of duties, improper profit taking, and illegal corruption and irregularities related to all executives and employees, and internal or external stakeholders.

What to report

  • Giving/taking bribes or entertainment, or borrowing
  • Theft, embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds
  • Anti-competitive behavior (monopoly, collusion, power trip)
  • Business preferential treatment
  • Leaking of business information
  • Other things that violate the code of conduct.
  • Solicitation and unreasonable demands
  • Fabricate documents and fraudulent reporting

Protecting the Informant

  • Security of informant's identify
    The informant and the contents of the report are strictly protected as external secrets in the cyber audit office.
  • No disadvantages
    We are taking measures to prevent any disadvantages or unfair treatment of informants.

Processing Procedures

  1. Report
  2. Receive
  3. Investigate(Confirm)
  4. Process(Notify)
All information you reported will be private , and the processing results will take about 20 days to reply to informant after an internal investigation.
If the information is not specific, it may take more time to investigate.

How to report

  • Reports can be received without restriction, such as door-to-door, postal, anonymous, etc.
  • Anonymous report
TEL TEL : TEL : 031-610-8838 ( Dedicated line )
E-MAIL Dedicated E-mail : ( Confidentiality )
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